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  1. Happy Gilmore's Avatar
    Not my best work by any means, but it's been awhile and i need to get back into the flow...

    My Apologies.
  2. Caitlin's Avatar
    It does not appear as though Gudas will not face any discipline for the hit, as the NHL has already consulted with Chris Pronger, and he said it was cool.

    yea I am still shaking my head (probably cause I was elbowed at some point by Pronger) by the league decision to anoint Pronger as the voice of reason. Guy played beyond dirty his whole career and never had to because he had the talent and the size to play it clean
  3. cl525's Avatar
    Oh and Gillies is an idiot.
  4. cl525's Avatar
    Definately was an interesting move by the B's. Although I wasn't a huge fan of JohnnyB while he was with the Avalanche (poor guy's development just stalled), I was really starting to root for him in Boston. Now of course, being an Islander, I could careless. I just hope he does well.

    With that said, he'll now have a chance to be on a team where he can be a leader. Walking into the locker room with a nice, shiney Cup ring on your finger surely helps too.

    But of course, seeing him put up three points was nice, too.
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    Great read as always. You couldn't be any more correct, what a brutal way to start the season. Wednesday, one game on the come on.
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    Great first blog Steve! I bet you celebrated the completion of this post with a fist pump and a fart.