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Happy Gilmore

  1. HG's Randumb Rum-Blings (Vol #5)

    So, here we are once again, the day after opening night of a new NHL Season.

    To start, here is my disclaimer...

    * My upcoming banter is to NEVER be taken seriously, because quite frankly, I suck at writing.

    Last night, I watched the Blackhawks raise (another) Banner, Stanley Cup Style, saw new leafs coach Mike Babcock win the first ever NHL coach's challenge, and in a later game, watched my 2nd favorite team, the get embarrassed at home by a 5-1 ...
  2. HG's Randumb Rum-Blings (Vol #4)

    It has, in fact been 5 months since my last blog, and for that, i am deeply sorry...

    Actually, no i am not.

    I'm not sure if it was due to a severe lack in creativity, laziness, or if i just suck at life. I'll go with the latter.

    Jumping back into it, there has been some crazy things happening in the world of hock hock this season.

    #1 John Tavares had an insane OT winner last night vs Toronto, in Toronto, as the leafs lose (again) by a score ...
  3. HG's Randumb Rum-Blings (Vol #3)

    Short and Sweet today

    That loud commotion most hockey fans heard coming from the east last night was in fact not a (carolina) Hurricane, but a combination of Islanders and Bruins fans...

    While Islander faithful rejoiced after a solid win in their first game of the season, what followed was a collective chorus of scattered boos from the boston area.

    Mind you, the bruins fans were not interested in the game per se, but rather how Johnny Rocket fared in ...
  4. HG's Randumb Rum-Blings (Vol #2)

    Welp, NHL night #2 is in the books, so i'll get right to it.

    Every passionate NHL fan, goes in to the season with a new sense of hope, faith, excitment, "frisson" and vigor. When the games finally begin, some fans are loyalists, some fans are purists, and some fans are quitters.

    Yes, disgruntled oiler fan who tossed his jersey into the ice, (after just ONE game) I'm talking to you.

    http://www.suddendeathhockeyforums.c...n&goto=newpost ...
  5. HG's Randumb Rum-Blings

    Welcome to HG's Randumb Rum-Blings...

    A pathetic attempt at blogging, humor, and other stoopid thoughts

    Proud owner of the First blog on Sudden Death Hockey.

    frisson\ free-SOHN; Fr . free-SAWN \ , noun;

    1. a sudden, passing sensation of excitement; a shudder of emotion; thrill:

    It's funny how the dictonary features "frisson" as it's word of the day, as i can almost guarantee every passionate hockey ...