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Happy Gilmore

HG's Randumb Rum-Blings (Vol #5)

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So, here we are once again, the day after opening night of a new NHL Season.

To start, here is my disclaimer...

* My upcoming banter is to NEVER be taken seriously, because quite frankly, I suck at writing.

Last night, I watched the Blackhawks raise (another) Banner, Stanley Cup Style, saw new leafs coach Mike Babcock win the first ever NHL coach's challenge, and in a later game, watched my 2nd favorite team, the get embarrassed at home by a 5-1 score to the hated (at least by me) Canucks.

Then, thanks to the NHL Center Ice Package, I was able to watch new starter Martin Jones, who was a member of the Bruins for about 5 seconds, give up a goal on the first shot he faced, but then slammed the door the rest of the night, and backstopped the sharks to a 5-1 win over the LA Kings.

Speaking of the Bruins, tonight is the first game of the 15/16 season, and imo it will be interesting yet exciting at the same time. Bruins fans saw the team miss the post season dance by a mere two points (shoot out WINS would have fixed that problem) and then get dismantled by new bruins GM Don Sweeney.

Star players Lucic and Hamilton were both sent packing, much to the dismay of many black and gold faithfull, and a collection of other bruins also have new a new address or are unemployed.

BTW, both Lucic and Hamilton both were on the wrong end of 5-1 scores with their new teams.

The bruins will have a new look to them tonight, as they face the Jets in the season opener for both clubs.

It will be interesting to see how this team gels when it counts...the had a solid preseason, but it all means nothing now.

Out is Hamilton (traded), Chara and Seidenberg (injured)....and that is just the defense.

New additions, Jimmy Hayes and Matt Beleskey should be able to replace some of the offense lost by the departures of Lucic and Reilly Smith, and they bruins will also have a revamped 4th line...I miss Merlot already.

It's TUUKKA time baby ! Go Bruins.

Btw, if the start slow out of the gate, it will almost surely cost coach CJ his job, he's been on the proverbial hot seat for awhile.

Btw, as earlier mentioned...if you have not done so, I highly recommend purchasing the NHL Center Ice Package....worth every penny, if not for McDavid and Eichel alone. As I am also a Flames fan, it is a must have.

All for now, to all, Happy Hockey

I have a feeling this is going to be one helluva year.
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