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HG's Randumb Rum-Blings

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Welcome to HG's Randumb Rum-Blings...

A pathetic attempt at blogging, humor, and other stoopid thoughts

Proud owner of the First blog on Sudden Death Hockey.

frisson\ free-SOHN; Fr . free-SAWN \ , noun;

1. a sudden, passing sensation of excitement; a shudder of emotion; thrill:

It's funny how the dictonary features "frisson" as it's word of the day, as i can almost guarantee every passionate hockey fan feels a sense of frisson on opening night.

Allow me to begin with my disclaimer...

My posts will be random or ran-dumb, my mug was filled with beer, as i was all out of rum, and i have no "bling".

First, allow me to start by saying that someone should have reminded the LA Kings that they are they defending Stanley Cup Champions. It's ebmarrassing to have a banner raising in front of a standing room only crowd, in the "greatest hockey city in the world", and then come out Penner pancake flat...

And speaking of choking, (sorry, had too) I guess the sharks must still be very pissed off, because they sent18,514 kings fans home on a low note.

On a higher note, it only took 4 minutes and 42 seconds into the season before the leaf faithful started giving it to Dion Phaneuf, taking to twitter and posting "plyon" pics...

By the way, the man who victimized dion on the goal was none other than the habs Max Pacioretty, who is credited with the first goal of the 2014/15 NHL Season.

And speaking of habs goals, former Norris Trophy winner PK. Subban also potted his first of the year, then celebrated with a fist pump and a fart.

The Bruins and Flyers opened the season as well, and while both teams had a dissapointing end to the 2013/14 season, neither team came out with much fire. I was hoping for a much more physical game, but the play was choppy and listless, the most action coming when Bobby Robins and Luke Schenn shed the mitts.

It was not exactly the Heavyweight fisticuffs i was hoping for. On that note, all over the airwaves this morning the hockey fighting haters were out in full force. What irks me the most is to hear Mike Millbury, of all people suddenly switch his stance on fighting in the NHL. Correct me if i am wrong, but it was not long ago that Mr. Millbury was ranting and raving about the "wussification" (pc correct) of the NHL.

Hey, Mike...go find a shoe.

Last night, there were 4 NHL games to open the season (weak if you ask me) and there were throw downs in two of them. Bobby Robins and Luke Schenn went first followed by the sharks Mike Brown and LA's Kyle Clifford. That is a quick pace of 50% of NHL games involving at least one fight. At this rate the hockey hating hacks will be going bananas.

Night #2 of NHL action is tonight, and many teams are playing thier first games of the season. Here's hoping for some more battles, sold out crowds, fisticuffs and flatulence.

On that note, here is a reminder never to take anything i say as serious, because i sure as hell don't.

I love this time of year, the october puck drop and the "frisson" that hopefully will last deep into June.
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  1. cl525's Avatar
    Great first blog Steve! I bet you celebrated the completion of this post with a fist pump and a fart.