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Happy Gilmore

HG's Randumb Rum-Blings (Vol #3)

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Short and Sweet today

That loud commotion most hockey fans heard coming from the east last night was in fact not a (carolina) Hurricane, but a combination of Islanders and Bruins fans...

While Islander faithful rejoiced after a solid win in their first game of the season, what followed was a collective chorus of scattered boos from the boston area.

Mind you, the bruins fans were not interested in the game per se, but rather how Johnny Rocket fared in his first game in NY.

The answer, quite well, as he led all islander players in ice time, playing 23.11 and having a stellar night.

Did not contribute much, just a goal and two helpers, much to the ire of bruins fans, who are still less than thrilled with the trade that sent from from Boston to NY.

Here is wishing the rocket well on the island.

Next topic...the diving crackdown.

3 players on the embellishment list so far, yet there could eailey be a case for a fourth...

Alex Ovechking, who is arguably the best power skaters in the NHL, went down after a luv-tap from P.K Subban. I am not sure what is more disgusting, Ovi's dive, or the fact that it was completely missed by the refs. The same zebra who bagged P.K for the infraction, could have easily nabbed A.O for a dive.

And speaking of disgusting...

Trevor Gillies...

I am sickened by the fact that you are involved with the flames organziation, and I were the flames brass, i'd have dropped your contract already. There is no room for your actions in this game.

When the hockey fighting haters want to have an arugment of about ridding the sport of fisticuffs, they have to look no further than yet another one of your acts of douchebaggery.

As a longtime fan who is a fan of fighting in the sport, i also feel there is a time, place and code, and at 35 years old, you still have not learned when it is, or how to do it.

The again with your team traling 6-1 at that point, and with less than 5 minutes in the game, you had no business being out there anyway.

It is not the fighting, but players like you who turn fans away from this great game, and the fact that you still wear a hockey jersey of any kind is deplorable.

There is a solid slate of games on the first sat night of the new season, and at the risk of sounding like a hypocrite, and with respect to Elton John, let's hope that saturday night's alright for fighting.

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  1. cl525's Avatar
    Definately was an interesting move by the B's. Although I wasn't a huge fan of JohnnyB while he was with the Avalanche (poor guy's development just stalled), I was really starting to root for him in Boston. Now of course, being an Islander, I could careless. I just hope he does well.

    With that said, he'll now have a chance to be on a team where he can be a leader. Walking into the locker room with a nice, shiney Cup ring on your finger surely helps too.

    But of course, seeing him put up three points was nice, too.
  2. cl525's Avatar
    Oh and Gillies is an idiot.