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Thread: Training camp roster

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    Training camp roster

    Forwards (12)
    Kurtis Bartliff
    Evan Bloodoff
    Josh Currie (PHX)
    Brian Elser (ATO)
    Joey Haddad
    Philippe Halley
    Scott Howe (ATO)
    Alex Hutchings
    C.J. Lee
    Jeremie Malouin
    Stefan Schneider
    Dirk Southern

    Defensemen (8)
    Dan Christensen (ATO)
    Dustin Hopfner (ATO)
    Devon Krogh
    Martin Lefebvre
    Jonathan Narbonne
    Brad Nunn (ATO)
    Daniel Spivak
    Justin Weller (PHX)

    Goaltenders (1)
    Chris Rawlings (PHX)

    Sad to see no Yuri, I really liked him.

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    Just found this too:

    Domingue and Brenden Walker (F) will be assigned to Gwinnett.

    Walker is out of juniors and has 157 points over the last two years.

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    Here's the sheet from the Glads training camp:

    Emmett runs a FAST and rough camp, more hitting in the second day of camp then we probably had in a regular season game last year. By the end the boys were gassed.

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