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Thread: #TBT look at the Atlanta Thrashers

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    #TBT look at the Atlanta Thrashers

    By Liam McGuire

    In a part of our new #TBT series here at BarDown, we are going to look at now defunct NHL hockey teams and we're going to take you down memory lane and give you a crash course on them. We're going to sort through ugly jerseys, best goals, odd moments, and more. The first team on our list is the Atlanta Thrashers.

    Where'd they play? Phillips Arena
    When they were active? 1999-2011
    Playoff appearances: 1
    Stanley Cup Victories: 0
    Team's overall record: 902 GP – 342 W 437 L – 45 T – 49 OTL – 29 SOL (.447 winning percentage)
    Most goals: Ilya Kovalchuk – 328
    Most assists: Ilya Kovalchuk – 287
    Most points – Ilya Kovalchuk – 615 points

    Notable players: Ilya Kovalchuk (2001-2010), Dany Heatley (2001-2004), Marc Savard (2002-2006), Ray Ferraro (1999-2002), Vyacheslav Kozlov (2002-2010), Milan Hnlilcka (2000-2003) and Patrick Stefan (1999-2006).

    Best jersey: Thrashers home jerseys (introduced in 2007)

    Worst jersey: 2008 alternate jersey (introduced in 2008)

    Best smile: Danny Heatley

    Best highlight reel: Ilya Kovalchuk

    Best fan moment: This guy chugs a beer and goes nuts.

    Worst fan moment:
    After initially drawing an average of 17,000 fans in their inaugural 1999-00 season, the Thrashers attendance averaged just under 13,700 fans in their final three seasons.

    Best moustache: That would belong to goaltender Chris Mason, whose moustache game evolved during his team with the Thrashers.

    Best fighter: Eric Boulton (Amassed 639 penalty minutes during his six seasons with the Thrashers)

    Mascot: Thrash (fun fact, Thrash was once "arrested" for stealing a Zamboni in one of the most bizarre ticket sale attempts in the history of hockey

    Last game: April 10th, 2011 5-2 loss to Pittsburgh Penguins
    Last goal: Tim Stapleton from Nik Antropov and Ron Hainsey
    Captain: Andrew Ladd

    Why'd the move? The Thrashers faced financial loss and ownership problems. True Sports Entertainment bought the Thrashers on May 31, 2011.

    Relocated: The team moved to Winnipeg as the Jets were reformed.

    What does a former player have to say?

    Colby Armstrong

    What was it like to play in Atlanta?

    Getting traded from Pittsburgh to Atlanta all I thought was "oh well I guess it's going be shorts all the time," but as I came to find it's a lot colder than I thought and snowed a few times a year there. It was a beautiful city and great place to live but didn't seem like much of a sports town as Pittsburgh was. From what I'd heard it's a transplant city where people come from all over to work there. This showed during games as out crowds were smaller and when playing certain teams there teams fans came out and were so loud when they scored. It's too bad hockey didn't work there. Great place live and play if the support and hockey had been better.

    What's your fondest memory of Atlanta?

    My fondest memory would have to be getting married there. It was a great time and major hot out. Also both my kids were born there which is pretty cool also. We have a few pretty good friends who are local to Atlanta that we remain close with to this day. On the hockey side of things I had a 22-goal season which as a player is a pretty special thing. Felt like I scored every game I couldn't imagine being Stamkos and what that would feel like. Just snipin beauts literally every game for real.

    Simon Boisvert‏

    Marc Bergevin loves making trades involving 4th liners and 7th defensemen. He's fascinated by players similar to what he was back in the day

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    Sad to see that this is all that will remain of the NHL in Atlanta. Thanks again to our ****ing piece of **** owners for selling the team despite twenty one local groups that tried to keep them here.

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    As an avid Atlanta Braves fan, I'd LOVE to visit Atlanta. I've known a few people from nearby areas that say it's very nice. I'm all for NHL team's succeeding and it is such a shame that the Thrashers didn't work out and to the contrary, I really liked those red third jerseys - I even bought one before they moved out of town.

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