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Thread: Special place in H E L L reserved for some people

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    Special place in H E L L reserved for some people

    This story completely sickens me...

    Tracy McLaughlin, Special to QMI Agency
    Jan 12, 2015
    , Last Updated: 12:09 AM ET

    INNISFIL, Ont. — The last thing Richard Esch saw on his best friend's face before he was struck and killed by an SUV while they rode their bicycles was a smile.

    He doesn't remember being thrown into the air and landing in a ditch, his pelvis shattered, his bicycle a spray of debris across the field.

    He didn't see his friend, Brandon Majewski, hit with such force that he dented the SUV bumper, cracked the windshield, then the roof, before he landed on the road to die while holding a caring stranger's hand.

    But he can't forget the fact that the woman who struck them is suing the boys and their families for her own emotional trauma.

    "The pain doesn't go away," Esch's father Terry said. "The damage this woman caused in a split-second has affected so many lives."

    Richard was 16 when he and his two buddies hopped on their bicycles and headed along a country road to the plaza for hot dogs at around 1:30 a.m. Oct. 28, 2012.

    They were struck by the SUV as they rode three abreast on Innisfil Beach Rd.

    Esch was seriously injured while Brandon, 17, was killed.

    His other pal, Jake Roberts, 16, was knocked off his bike but not seriously injured.

    No alcohol or drugs were in the boys' systems at the time of the accident, toxicology reports show.

    The SUV driver, Sharlene Simon, 42, who lived in Innisfil at the time, hired her own lawyer to sue Brandon Majewski's estate, his parents, the County of Simcoe, Esch and Roberts.

    Her husband, Jules Simon, a York Regional Police officer who was following his wife in his own vehicle that night, is also suing for emotional trauma.

    The suit is separate from an action the Estate of Brandon Majewski has taken against Sharlene Simon.

    A police report states the couple was heading to their nearby Innisfil home after having a drink at a bar.

    Sharlene Simon told police she was driving 90 km/h in an 80 km/h zone and didn't see the boys.

    In a statement of claim filed with the court last April, Simon is claiming $1.35 million in damages due to her psychological suffering, including depression, anxiety, irritability and post-traumatic stress.

    She blames the boys for negligence.

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    Mayhem, all I can say is there is a lot more to the story than you will ever see in a SunNews report.

    There are no winners here, only the lawyers.

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