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    Werenski T-Shirt


    Fan who wears shirt of Zach Werenski’s jacked-up face gets signed jersey from Zach Werenski

    By Cara Bahniuk On April 19, 2017 

    The Columbus Blue Jackets have a T-Shirt Guy imitator, but we’ll give him a pass just this once.

    Days after the Blue Jackets lost star defenseman Zach Werenski for the season due to a fractured face, a bearded Blue Jackets fan, who works for, debuted the perfect tribute for the 19-year-old during Game Four. The fan had Werenski’s black and blue face, which included a cotton swab shoved up his right nostril, printed on the entire canvas of his t-shirt.

    This is fantastic.

    Before the game started, the Blue Jackets’ twitter took notice of the fan and published a photo themselves.

    During the game, Jackets T-Shirt Guy even made an unintentional cameo on TV after his favorite team opened the scoring in the first period. If you look closely, you’ll see him dancing.

    Werenski liked the shirt so much that he gifted the fan a signed jersey.

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