Alex Burrows suspended 10 games for attacking Taylor Hall

By Adam GretzFeb 7, 2018, 8:28 PM EST

The NHL’s Department of Player Safety dropped the hammer on Ottawa Senators forward Alex Burrows on Wednesday by announcing that he has been suspended for 10 games for his attack on New Jersey Devils forward Taylor Hall.

Burrows was offered an in-person hearing for his actions (he waived that right) which meant the NHL was eyeing a suspension of at least six games.

It is pretty clear based on the severity of the suspension that he crossed the line in a pretty unacceptable manner.

Here is the NHL’s explanation of the incident and the punishment.


The NHL points out that Burrows was the aggressor in this altercation at all times and that he was clearly looking for retribution following what was a clean and legal check by Hall earlier in the shift.

The league also points out that Burrows argued his knees to the back of Hall’s head were the result of him trying to free himself from a compromising position. The league did not agree with his interpretation, while also calling Burrows’ actions “a dangerous and unjustifiable attack.”