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Thread: Walleye-Mavericks Line Brawl

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    Walleye-Mavericks Line Brawl

    Explosive line brawl erupts in ECHL game, includes fighting goaltenders


    By Mary Clarke@marycclarke Feb 10, 2018, 10:27pm EST

    Full line brawls are a rare sight in hockey. Even more so when they include goaltenders from both teams. That was what we got from the ECHL on Saturday, when a line brawl was sparked late in a game between the Toledo Walleye and the KC Mavericks.

    The Walleye came away with the eventual 5-0 win, but not before tensions absolutely boiled over between the two teams. It didn’t take long for a full line brawl to erupt, and an even shorter time for both goaltenders to jump in and take on each other.

    The brawl was sparked after Garrett Klotz of the Mavericks took his stick to the back of Walleye A.J. Jenks. Klotz took more than a few extra whacks at Jenks, prompting swift retribution from the team

    The goaltenders, however, were the real star here, as the pair squared off while the remainder of the fights were starting to wind down. The two goaltenders separated before things could get even more heated, but the damage was done.

    Quite the exciting mid-February ECHL match!

    Video below...
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    i was disappointed to see the suspension for the cross check was not the same as what Ben Wilson of Kalamazoo got. While the Toledo player was not seriously hurt, the game was 4-0 in the 3rd when this happened. The game was clearly over so this was obvious intent to injure. This was as bad, if not worse, as what Wilson did. I am by no means defending Wilson, not a big fan of him over the incident, but punish consistently for the crime. 20games should have been the minimum, at least when Wilson did it was 3-0 in the 1st not 4-0 with under 8left in the 3rd. This one also led to a line brawl, which would have never happened if this moron didn't lose his mind.

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