After the 2-1 loss in Indy yesterday Kalamazoo was officially eliminated from the playoffs. While this is only the second time they have missed the playoffs under Nick Bootland, this was inexcusable. This team blew many games in the final 5minutes of the game, where they should have gotten 1 or 2 points. A few that stick out:
--tied the game in Toledo late in December but gave up GWG a few seconds later under a minute left in regulation
--in January up 4-1 under 3minutes left against Quad City (had only won 1 game in over a month) and lost in a SO
--last Friday up by 1 and give up tying goal 27seconds left and lose in a SO
--GWG given up late in the 3rd to bottom feeder Norfolk to end an abysmal 5games in 7days road trip that was a 3-4 trip

I would like to thank the league for scheduling 7 of the last 8 on the road, including 5games in 7days in 4cities to end March. Schedule it like that earlier in the year fine, but to end the year is brutal for any team. Can we fire Bootland after that result? Good start to the year and tanked down the stretch when it counted.

Bootland through the years:
08-09: Lost in Round1 (IHL 4team playoff)
09-10: Lost in Round1 (joined ECHL)
10-11: Lost in Finals
11-12: Lost in CF
12-13: Missed Playoffs
13-14: Lost in Round1
14-15: Lost in Round1
15-16: Lost in Round1
16-17: Lost in Round1
17-18: Missed Playoffs

It is time for change, he hasn't made it out of the 1st round since 2012. He has never won over 45games, even when in IHL where it was 76games instead of 72. The team has had a couple of years where the playoffs were clinched on the last day of the season, as would have been the case this year if they would have won yesterday.