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Thread: 2018-19 Manitoba Bisons/USports Thread

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    July 23: BISONS ADD A GAME

    The Bison schedule has been updated with an additional exhibition game on Sunday, October 7th in Omaha against the UNO Mavericks. That makes for a double-header that weekend, following a Saturday night game in Grand Forks against the UND Fighting Hawks. I do not see any space for more games for the Bisons this season, unless they add something in the Christmas/New Year's season.

    The updated Bison schedule is now like this:

    Aug 21 Manitoba at Manchester Storm (EIHL)
    Aug 23 Manitoba at Fife Flyers (EIHL)
    Aug 25 Manitoba at Belfast Giants (EIHL)
    Aug 26 Manitoba at Belfast Giants (EIHL)
    Sep 14 Manitoba v TBD (in Regina)
    Sep 15 Manitoba v TBD (in Regina)
    Sep 21 Regina at Manitoba (MTS Iceplex)
    Sep 22 Regina at Manitoba
    Oct 06 Manitoba at North Dakota (NCAA)
    Oct 07 Manitoba at Nebraska-Omaha (NCAA)

    Note that regular season games will be played September 28-29 in the Town of Bedrock against the Dinos.

    ► [Manitoba Bisons - Schedule]
    ► [UNO Team Site]
    ► [UND Schedule]

    MRU now has the 2018-19 team schedule posted, but without exhibition games. From what other teams have posted, we have these three exhibition games:

    Sep 15 Mount Royal at Alberta
    Oct 06 Mount Royal at Minnesota State (NCAA)
    Oct 07 Mount Royal at St. Cloud State (NCAA)

    The team also had the only recruiting announcement of the week, coming from the Okotoks Oilers' Twitter. Goaltender Riley Morris has been added to the lineup.

    Also, from the MRU site we have this announcement:

    Mount Royal's men's hockey Director of Hockey Operations, Nathan Higgins, was named as the Equipment Manager for the U SPORTS Women's Hockey All-Star team. The team is set to attend Hockey Canada's Summer Showcase in Calgary, Aug. 2-11.
    ► [MRU Cougars - Schedule] (regular season only)
    ► [Okotoks Oilers Tweet]
    ► [Higgins joins staff for U SPORTS Women's Hockey All-Star team]

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    The Bison website posted a story which contained nothing new and had errors.

    The story points out the Bison trip to the UK, which is accurate, and says they'll play in England and Northern Ireland, which is accurate, but omits their game in Scotland! No haggis for the author!

    It also says the team record was 17-14 last year. I don't know how they get that. The records were:
    Conference record: 16-10-2
    Non-conference record: 4-4-1
    Playoff record: 0-2-0
    Overall record: 20-16-3

    The story also has the regular season starting in Calgary on October 5th, when in fact it starts one week earlier on September 28th. Also, the team schedule has the opening tour game on August 22nd, but the Manchester Storm have it scheduled for August 21st.

    There is one fewer Mutt in the doghouse. Defenceman MacKenzie Johnston is going back to the Rosetown Redwings after one season in Saskatown. He played for Mount Royal in 2014-15 and 2015-16, redshirted for a season (where he played for Rosetown), then went to Saskatchewan last year.

    The Ottawa Gee-Gees have no schedule page on their site. They are the only team in USports which links to their conference site for their team schedule. That schedule has just one game (Sept 22 against St. F.X.), but their Twitter announced two games in the Big Lemon, against Ryerson on Sept 14 and Toronto on Sept 15.

    Episode 9 of the on-line radio show of Breakin News 'N Crackin Brews is up, but I haven't heard it yet.

    ► [Bison Men’s Hockey Team heading to the UK]
    ► [MacKenzie Johnston - Elite Prospects]
    ► [Rosetown Tweet]
    ► [Ottawa Gee-Gees Team Site]
    ► [Ottawa Team Schedule at]
    ► [Ottawa Twitter Announcement]
    ► [Breakin News 'N Crackin Brews: Ep. 9]

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    There are a couple of links coming in now, from sources outside the CW. The Alberta Golden Bears and Manitoba Bisons remain the only CW teams with non-conference games on their schedule and no team has a 2018-19 roster page. The UBC Thunderbirds are the only team to have made official recruiting announcements.

    So what news is there?

    First, Bison pre-season opponent Belfast Giants have re-signed their captain, Blair Riley. He's a 32-year-old Canadian boy who peaked at the AHL before heading to Europe. This will be his 3rd season over there.

    Second, Red Deer College and the ACAC schedules have announced that the Red Deer Kings will visit the Lethbridge Pronghorns on Sept 7-8. Other sources have the 'Horns off to Lakehead Sept 21-22, starting the regular season against UBC on Sept 28-29, then going to the States Oct 6-7 to wrap their non-conference season. That just leaves Sept 14-15 empty, and Edmonton and Regina appear to be hosting events that same weekend.

    Third, Monkey graduate Jamie Crooks is off to the EIHL. He will just miss the Bisons because he's playing for the Guildford Flames.

    ► [ITV: Blair Riley returns to captain Belfast Giants]
    ► [Elite Prospects - Blair Riley]
    ► [Red Deer College Schedule]
    ► [ACAC Schedule]
    ► [Flames Add Offence with Crooks]

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    Welcome to August!

    This is the month where the Bisons will start playing hockey again. Finally! No news from the Bisons, but there is some news from elsewhere.

    First, the UBC T-irds have updated their schedule to include exhibition games. However, they did not include the Sep 7-8 games announced by the Evil Monkeys to be played in Penticton. The announced games are:

    Sep 14 N.A.I.T. (ACAC) at U.B.C.
    Sep 15 N.A.I.T. (ACAC) at U.B.C.
    Sep 21 Simon Fraser (BCIHL) at U.B.C.

    The Regina Cougars have a new recruit, but not announced by them. Keith Anderson's commitment was announced by the Battlefords North Stars on Twitter. The right winger previously played in the WHL where he had 1 goal and 5 assists in 46 games. In 43 games in the SJHL he was 18-20-38.

    Meanwhile, the doghouse continues to empty up the road in Saskatown. The Rosetown Redwings have landed another defenceman, Jordan Fransoo, from the Saskatchewan Huskies. He had used up 4 years of eligibility.

    ► [UBC Team Schedule]
    ► [Battlefords North Stars Twitter]
    ► [Elite Prospects - Keith ANderson]
    ► [Rosetown Redwings Twitter]
    ► [Elite Prospects - Jordan Fransoo]
    ► [Allan Cup Hockey West]

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    I wasn't expecting much in new news as we head into the long weekend, but instead there is shocking news from Lethbridge. The Hørny Ones are in the market for a new head coach because Spiros Anastas has tendered his resignation. Despite hosting the University Cup this year, the team is now having to find a new coach at the last minute. This might also explain the slow rumour mill on new acquisitions for the Hørny Ones.

    I have searched high and low but don't see where Anastas is going. Before Lethbridge, he was an assistant with Grand Rapids in the AHL.

    In four seasons since taking the helm from Greg Gatto, Anastas had a spotty record. They were in a prime position to make a playoff run last year but folded in sthe stretch to finish 7th yet again. Anastas has not devoted full time to the Horns. In his first two seasons, he also worked with South Korea and in the last two seasons he has helped out with Estonia, not to mention Alberta youth squads.

    Here's Anastas's record with Lethbridge:

    2015 05-23-0 10 8th
    2016 11-15-2 24 7th
    2017 11-14-3 25 7th
    2018 09-16-3 21 7th (got 2 points for Calgary forfeit)

    So was Anastas mailing it in this off-season? Does that explain the lack of recruits for the U-Cup host team? Or did he jump ship after failing to land some quality recruits he wanted? Did the UofL issue an ultimatum? Did the UofL try to convince him to stay? Or are they ticked off? Lots of questions and speculation.

    Meanwhile, the Regina Cougars have added their pre-season games. The games are:

    Sep 14 Saskatchewan at Regina
    Sep 15 S.A.I.T. (ACAC) at Regina
    Sep 20 York v Regina (in Lumsden)
    Sep 22 Regina at Manitoba

    Since the Bisons are in Regina for the tournament on Sep 14-15, I infer that the Bisons will be facing S.A.I.T. on Sep 14 and Saskatchewan on Sep 15. Unless, of course, somebody like Lethbridge is also included in the tournament.

    The York game on Sep 20 is odd. What's happening for the previously announced Bison home game against Regina on Sep 21? The Banjo Cats likely won't be coming. Will York come instead? They have yet to announce a schedule.

    The Belfast Giants announced two signings of AHLers, Kyle Baun and Francis Beauvillier. Baun was with the Toronto Marlies and Berauvillier was with the Manitoba Moose. Previously, Beauvillier played for the UNB Varsity Reds of the AUS.

    Also, Kendall McFaull (recruited from Sask) will be wearing #27 in honour of the late Troy Gasper, deceased in a vehicle collision.

    Over at CUSN the Tuesday Morning Skate was delayed to Thursday. It runs down the recruiting news, including the blue-chip 6-pack of recruits at St. F.X. The only new part from a CW perspective is the news that Colton Bobyk will not be on his way to the Town of Bedrock. The Dinos announced him a year ago and he had to red-shirt last year.

    ► [UofL: Anastas resigns as Pronghorns coach]
    ► [Victor Findlay's Tweet]
    ► [Wikia: Lethbridge Pronghorns Page]
    ► [Elite Prospects: Spiros Anastas]
    ► [Elite Prospects - Greg Gatto]
    ► [Regina Cougars Schedule]
    ► [Belfast Giants announce double signing as Kyle Baun and Francis Beauvillier agree deals]
    ► [Giants #27 Jersey To Be Worn In Memory Of Troy Gasper]
    ► [Thursday Morning Skate: August 2nd, 2018]

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    Spiros Anastas is off to be the head coach of the South Carolina Stingrays of the ECHL, farm team to the Washington Capitals and Hershey Bears. They had been coached by Ryan Warsofsky, who got an AHL job in Charlotte.

    No further word on a replacement for the Hørny Ones.

    ► [SCS Press Release: Spiros Anastas Named Stingrays Head Coach]
    ► [Post & Courier: South Carolina Stingrays’ next head coach will be Spiros Anastas]
    ► [Post & Courier: South Carolina Stingrays coach Ryan Warsofsky leaving for AHL’s Charlotte Checkers]
    ► [Live 5 News: Spiros Anastas Named Stingrays Head Coach]
    ► [ Anastas named Stingrays head coach]

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    Quintin Lisoway is leaving after two years to join former Bison teammate Shaq Merasty with the Rapid City Rush of the ECHL.

    Since the Bisons are laden with forwards, this loss won't hurt too badly. His stats were Cy Young-like, 11 goals and 3 assists last year.

    So who all is coming back? This is the last thing we find out every year. No team has a 2018-19 roster page up yet. At Elite Prospects, the only returning player to be listed is defenceman Blake Heinrich. It is always great news to see returning defencemen, especially those from the WHL. With pre-season just two weeks away, my hope is that we'll see a Bison roster, or at least a tour roster, up soon.

    ► [Elite Prospects - Quintin Lisoway]
    ► [Elite Prospects - Manitoba Bisons]
    ► [Rapid City Rush - Tweet]

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    Just a day after Elite Prospects listed defenceman Blake Heinrich as a returning player, he was announced as a new recruit for the Rapid City Rush, aka Bison Alumni Squad. He just finished his 2nd season in 2017-18. The Bisons now have two defencemen gone from last year's squad with three recruits coming in (one of which is F/D). They now need a stay-at-home defenceman, preferably from the WHL, to round out the roster.

    The Banjo Mutts uploaded their 2018-19 schedule, albeit without any pre-season games. They also had three stories, which are in the links. First, they have a pitch for season tickets for their brand new arena. Rumour has it the building will be Saskatown's 3rd with indoor plumbing! Second, Chris Pronger is the speaker for their Off the Leash Luncheon fundraiser. And third, four Mangy Mutts are off to Europe. Jordon Cooke (Gap in France), Connor Cox (Dundee in the EIHL), and Kendall McFaull and Josh Roach (both to Belfast in the EIHL) are no doubt thrilled to be leaving Sask.

    The Bluegars added their pre-season games to the schedule. Here's what they have:

    Thu Sep 13 Calgary at Mount Royal
    Sat Sep 15 Mount Royal at Alberta
    Wed Sep 19 Mount Royal at Minnesota State
    Fri Sep 28 Mount Royal at Regina (regular season)
    Sat Sep 29 Mount Royal at Regina (regular season)
    Thu Oct 04 Mount Royal at St. Cloud State

    The game on Sep 13 is new, and completes the 3-team round-robin that weekend. Their games in the States were to be on Oct 6 and 7. Quite a strange twist to be going two separate trips, and to have a game NOT on the designated weekend.

    ► [Elite Prospects - Blake Heinrich]
    ► [Elite Prospects - Manitoba Bisons]
    ► [Rapid City Rush - Tweet]
    ► [Saskatchewan Schedule]
    ► [Exclusive Founders Club deal for season tickets in Merlis Belsher Place expires August 15]
    ► [Chris Pronger to headline 2018 Off the Leash Luncheon]
    ► [Four Huskies turn pro with degrees in hand]
    ► [Mount Royal Schedule]

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    Aug 12: ROSTER LINKS

    We should be getting roster pages uploaded as the next phase in the off-season as players officially re-enroll. Thus far, no CW team has a 2018-19 roster page. I have the links to roster pages here for future reference.

    ► [Alberta Roster]
    ► [Calgary Roster]
    ► [Lethbridge Roster]
    ► [Manitoba Roster]
    ► [Mount Royal Roster]
    ► [Regina Roster]
    ► [Saskatchewan Roster]
    ► [UBC Roster]
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    Aug 16: AROUND THE CW

    Even though the Bisons start play in just 5 days, there have been no updates on their team page. The schedule page needs to be updated for the Manchester game (Aug 21 instead of 22). The Regina game on Sep 21 has been scrubbed, so they are coming just for the one game on Sep 22.

    There are a few links from Manchester. The links include the Facebook Event page and a promo video. Those should also have updates, even if after the game for news and information. I'm not sure if there is an on-line radio link for play-by-play, through their linked radio partner or otherwise.

    The Storm have signed a promising young UK player, 19 year-old Adam Barnes. He seems to be a small forward, and hopefully he'll do well. Another Brit, and an Aussie, got NHL rookie camp invites this year.

    The CUSN updated with another Tuesday Morning Skate this week, giving recruiting news from around all conferences. One point brought up was that the CW programs are not gettign as much WHL recruits as before, because the players seem to be taking the ECHL offers this year. Speculation is that December could be busier than usual with returning players claiming their scholarship packages.

    First, UBC announced one more exhibition game, that being on Sep 22 against Holy Trinity, the defending BCIHL champions. This gives them 6 games in the three weeks before the regular season, two each against the CW, the ACAC, an the BCIHL. They are not facing NCAA teams it would seem.

    Second, their grad Neil Manning signed an AHL contract with the Rockford Ice Hogs. He had been playing in Italy.

    In the Town of Bedrock the Dinos have announced their exhibition schedule:
    Sep 07 MacEwan (ACAC) at Calgary
    Sep 08 Calgary at MacEwan (ACAC)
    Sep 13 Mount Royal at Calgary
    Sep 14 Calgary at Alberta
    Sep 19 Mount Royal at Calgary
    Sep 21 Calgary v York (at Humboldt)
    Sep 22 Calgary at Saskatchewan

    The newly announced games are the latter three. Sep 19 conflicts with the MRU schedule, where they claim to have a game scheduled in the USA!

    The Evil Monkeys' schedule has not been updated but the ACAC schedule has added a game on Sep 23 between the Monkeys and the NAIT Ooks in the Athabasca tournament. I suspect a game will be added between the Monkeys and MacEwan to complete that event.

    The UQTR Patriotes released their schedule, and it includes a trip to France from Aug 24-29 against opponents TBD, or "à déterminer" since those French have a different word for everything. I haven't been able to find out more about that.

    ► [Manitoba Bisons Roster]
    ► [Manitoba Bisons Schedule]
    ► [Manchester Facebook Event]
    ► [Manchester Ticket Promo Video]
    ► [Manchester Radio]
    ► [Barnes returns home to sign for Storm]
    ► [Tuesday Morning Skate: August 14th, 2018]
    ► [Former T-Bird Neil Manning inks AHL contract]
    ► [UBC Team Schedule]
    ► [Calgary Team Schedule]
    ► [MRU Team Schedule]
    ► [ACAC Schedule]
    ► [UQTR Schedule]

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    Former Bison coach Barry Trotz is bringing the Stanley Cup to Dauphin! That's the only major trophy the Bisons have never won.

    The Horny Ones have now released their exhibition schedule, leaving the Banjo Mutts as the only dilatory bunch. Here it is:

    Sep 07 Red Deer (ACAC) at Lethbridge
    Sep 08 Red Deer (ACAC) at Lethbridge
    Sep 21 Lethbridge at Lakehead
    Sep 22 Lethbridge at Lakehead
    Oct 06 Lethbridge at Western Michigan (NCAA)
    Oct 07 Lethbridge at Ferris State (NCAA)
    Dec 29 Lethbridge at New Brunswick
    Dec 30 Lethbridge v Moncton (in Fredericton)

    All of these games were previously announced elsewhere except for the game against Moncton. It seems odd that they are not playing on Sept 14-15, when there are open events in Regina and Edmontown.

    Time for a new logo at York. The old one was kind of busy. However, would it not make more sense for sports departments to put additional funds into programs rather than logos? Most of what I have seen in new logos have been good, but so were the old ones.

    ► [Former Bison men's hockey coach Barry Trotz bringing Stanley Cup to Manitoba]
    ► [Lethbridge Team Schedule]

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    The Bisons are going to play their first exhibition game of the season in just three days. However, since school doesn't even start until they return from the overseas tour. So there is no roster page, nor an official team announcement of recruits. But other sources confirm one more blueliner.

    Carter Doerksen - Nipawin Hawks (SJHL) - D

    Whenever a Saskatchewanite moves to Manitoba the average IQ of both places decreases. Hopefully this young man's desire to improve his life by leaving behind moonshine, banjo music, and possum shanks in order to have electricity, indoor plumbing, and footwear in summer will show that he is ready for this step up the evolutionary ladder. If he marries a local girl who can civilize him we may see a young man really turn his life around.

    Doerksen was the captain of the Hawks, winners of the SJHL championship. He does not run up the offensive numbers, which suits me just fine. The Bisons need good-in-their-own end defencemen, and hopefully he fits the bill. He is smaller than the typical Bison recruit, at 5'10" and 187 lbs. He is the second Bison recruit from Nipawain, joining Thomas Lenchyshyn, a LW/D.

    Here's what the SJHL story says:

    Carter Doerksen, the Hawks Captain for the past 2 years secured a commitment from the Universtiy of Manitoba and they are getting arguably the best leader the Hawks have ever seen. His bone crunching hits and selfless play will be tough to replace along with his whatever it takes to win attitude. Carter is leaving Nipawin with the Hawks all time games played in playoffs record.

    Thomas Lenchyshyn will also be attending the University of Manitoba. “Lench” will take his abrasive on ice play along with his ability to make the highlight reel play with him to the U of M. A true competitor Thomas’ community service and infectious smile will be missed within the community and locker room.
    The Hawks are sending quite a few players to other teams in USports, plus one to the BCIHL and two to the NCAA:
    - Brandan Arnold - to Mount Royal
    - Brett Harasymuk - to UOIT
    - Michael Grant - to Lethbridge
    - Tyler Adams - to Regina
    - Josh McDougall to Mercyhurst
    - Logan Casavant - to Trinity Western
    - Grant Baetsen - to Adrian College

    That's a lot of grads to move in one season.

    ► [SJHL: Nipawin Hawks Commitments]
    ► [SJHL: Player Profile Story] : [Stats Page]
    ► [Carter Doerksen at] : [at]

    The Banjo Mutts became the last CW to release their exhibition schedule. Their games are:

    Sep 14 Saskatchewan at Regina
    Sep 15 Manitoba v Saskatchewan (in Regina)
    Sep 22 Calgary at Saskatchewan
    Sep 23 York at Saskatchewan

    They will not leave the province of Saskatchewan. The few players who like toilet paper will have to wait for a road trip where they can stock up.

    All teams have now released schedules, although some alterations will no doubt be made. Here's what I suspect:

    - The Evil Monkeys have not announced anything for Sep 21-23, but they do appear on the ACAC schedule with a game against NAIT on Sep 23 in the Athabasca Tournament. I suspect they will add a game against MacEwan on Sep 21.

    - The Bedrock Dinos claim they play the Bluegars on Sep 19, but the Bluegars say they are playing Minnesota State that same day. I find it odd that an NCAA team would be allowed to play that day. So my guess is that the MRU schedule will be altered so that the Minnesota State game goes to Oct 5 or 6.

    - Manitoba's schedule does not list their opponents for the Regina tournament Sep 14-15. Since the Bisons face Sask on Sep 15, and since Regina plays Sask on Sep 14 and SAIT on Sep 15, my guess is that the Bisons will face the SAIT Condoms on Sep 14. Regina's trip to civilization will then consist of just the one game on Sep 22, due to the York tour.

    - The York tour deserves a mention. It is not yet on their website. But from the CW teams we have this:
    Sep 20 York v Regina (in Lumsden)
    Sep 21 Calgary v York (in Humboldt)
    Sep 23 York at Saskatchewan

    ► [Saskatchewan Schedule]
    ► [Saskatchewan Team Page]
    ► [York Schedule]

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    On Tuesday the Bisons will start their exhibition schedule against the Manchester Storm. When I think of Manchester I think of the greatest continuous stretch of bands that one city has ever produced. Their hockey history is not quite so accomplished, so far anyhow.

    Although Tuesday's game will be Manchester's first of the season, there were 8 games this weekend, and 4 games last weekend. All of those games featured an EIHL team facing a team from elsewhere in Europe, execpt for a pair of games between Nottingham and Cardiff.

    The stories being generated are about ticket sales and meeting the players. Hopefully there will be more pre-game news and access to stats. Last year all of the EIHL teams had loads pf pictures but nothing on stats/rosters/summaries. Here's the links and a couple of videos.

    ► [Manchester Storm Team Site]
    ► [Manchester Storm Twitter]
    ► [Manchester Storm - Facebook] : [- Event Page]
    ► [Elite Prospects - Manchester Storm]
    ► [EIHL Official Site]
    ► [EIHL - Manchester Storm Page]
    ► [EIHL: EIHL Preseason Gets Underway Saturday]
    ► [EIHL Pointsreak Site]

    Manchester videos:

    Joy Division: Shadow Play

    The Smiths: Ask

    In other news, CUSN has an interview with Spiros Anastas, the recently-departed coach from Lethbridge.

    Also, 3 out of 4 games on the UQTR tour of France are now known:
    Aug 24 U.Q.T.R. at Gothiques d'Amiens
    Aug 25 U.Q.T.R. at Ducs d'Angers
    Aug 26 U.Q.T.R. at Jokers de Cergy-Pontoise
    Aug 29 U.Q.T.R. at TBA (France)

    The Jokers are hosting the tournament and they are a 2nd tier French team. The other two teams in the round-robin tournament are 1st tier French teams. Last time over there UQTR were in the Napoleon Cup, hosted by the Goths.

    ► [Canadian University Sports Network - Interview - Spiros Anastas ]
    ► [HCCP Jokers - Summer Cup] : [Google Translate]
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    MANITOBA BISONS (2018: 16-10-2, 20-14-3, OHT35 #10)
    MANCHESTER STORM (2018: 35-16-5, EIHL 2nd)

    Aug 21 @ 1:30 CT at Altrincham Arena [/COLOR][/I]

    Live Links:

    • Video: [] (all games)
    • Audio: none
    • Live stats: none

    Manitoba Links:
    • GoBisons: [Bison men's hockey in Europe for four exhibition games against U.K. opponents]
    • Social: [Twitter] ∞ [Facebook]
    • Global TV: [Bisons men’s hockey team off to United Kingdom for team-building preseason tour]

    Manchester Links:
    • Team: [Team Site]
    • Social: [Twitter] ∞ [Facebook] ∞ [Facebook Event]

    Other Links:
    • [EIHL]

    The only new information is in the pre-game stories from an There is a live video link, which costs £10. I have not yet found live stats or audio.

    The Bisons are touring with just 5 veterans and 12 rookies. Thus far I have only heard about 8 recruits, which means there are four more. Also, they have fund-raised half the cost. Which may explain why some vets are waiting for September to play hockey. The veterans mentioned are Kamerin Nault, Brett Stovin, and Byron Spriggs.

    Manchester Tunes:

    Oasis: Wonderwall

    The Stone Roses: I Wanna Be Adored

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    Manchester: [Preview] : [Twitter]

    I can't find a summary, or a game story even. I did find one more preview story and the Twitter was updated. The Bisons were down 2-0 and 3-1 but rallied in the 3rd to tie the game. A late goal won it for the Storm. There were quite a few tussles as well. Newcomer Keaton Jameson was Bison Man-of-the-Match and will be wearing #15.

    Next up:
    Aug 23 Manitoba at Fife Flyers


    The Banjo Cats had their official announcement of three WHL recruits:

    Conner Chaulk - Swift Current/Calgary - centre
    James Hilsendager - Kelowna - defence
    Brennan Riddle - LethbridgeVancouver - defence

    In a season where major junior recruits seem to be down, this is a decent haul for the Kittens.


    ► [Trio of WHLers highlight men’s hockey recruiting class for 2018]

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    Aug 23: BISONS HIT .500



    Fife: [Team Site] : [Fixtures & Results]
    Social: [Twitter] : [Facebook]
    Video: [Live:] : [YouTube]

    The Fife team site is full of news about recent signings (and there have been quite a few), however there were no preview stories, game stories, or stats. But they did have a live link (which I could not watch at work today), and their Twitter updates were thorough. There is a space on the "fixtures & results" page which might get filled in as you are reading. So I never put up a "preview" post for this one.

    Here's the Twitter summary (with tweets announcing "full strength" after a PK deleted):

    FIFE FLYERS MOM | #50 Shane Owen
    MANITOBA BISONS MOM | #34 Dasan Sydora
    FINAL SCORE | Fife Flyers 1 (Crowder) @umbisons 2
    Shane Owen goes to the bench @ 59:44
    BISONS 2ND GOAL | 27 from 21 @ 59:44
    FIFE PENALTY | Adamsen 2 mins hooking @ 47:03
    FIFE PENALTY | Grigors 2 mins hooking @ 41:01
    Fife Flyers vs University of Manitoba Bisons - 3rd period underway. #WeAreFife #BringTheNoise #PeskyFlyers
    Man of the Match, sponsored by @StyxKirkcaldy, voting returns on 8th September in our first competitive game of the season. In the meantime feel free to send us your thoughts for both teams during preseason. #WeAreFife #BringTheNoise #PeskyFlyers
    SHOTS ON GOAL 2ND | Owen (Fife) 21 Sydora 4, Spriggs 2 (Manitoba)
    END 2ND | Fife Flyers 1 (Crowder) @umbisons 1 #WeAreFife #BringTheNoise #PeskyFlyers
    Bisons netminder change. Byron Spriggs replaces Dasan Sydora @ 29:56
    FIFE PENALTY | Crowder 2 mins hooking @ 26:14
    Fife Flyers vs University of Manitoba Bisons - 2nd period underway. #WeAreFife #BringTheNoise #PeskyFlyers
    SHOTS ON GOAL | Owen (Fife) 6 Sydora (Manitoba) 13
    END 1ST | Fife Flyers 1 (Crowder) University of Manitoba Bisons 1
    BISONS PENALTY | 4 2 mins goaltender interference @ 18:13
    BISONS PENALTY | 26 2 mins cross checking @ 15:50
    BISONS 1ST GOAL | 23 from 28 & 8 @ 14:29
    Goal 1 Bison
    FIFE 1ST GOAL | Crowder from Stoflet & Bloodof @ 7:29 PP
    FIFE PENALTY | Gauthier 2 mins holding @ 7:15
    BISON PENALTY | 27 2 mins delay of game @ 6:33
    BISON PENALTY | 12 2 mins tripping@ 5:47
    BISON PENALTY | 24 2 mins interference @ 3:33
    BISON PENALTY | 12 2 mins slashing @ 0:44
    Fife Flyers vs University of Manitoba Bisons - 1st period underway. #WeAreFife #BringTheNoise #PeskyFlyers
    Next up:
    Aug 24 U.Q.T.R. at Gothiques d'Amiens (France)
    Aug 25 Manitoba at Belfast Giants (EIHL)
    Aug 25 U.Q.T.R. at Ducs d'Angers (France)
    Aug 26 Manitoba at Belfast Giants (EIHL)
    Aug 26 U.Q.T.R. at Jokers de Cergy-Pontoise (France)


    The Manchester Storm uploaded a game story on Tuesday's game which tells us that:
    - Thomas Lenchyshyn and Lucas Skrumeda each had two penalties, and Nick Zajac had one, amongst what seems to have been a lot of other pushing-and-shoving;
    - Byron Spriggs came on mid-way through the game for Dasan Sydora in goal;
    - newcomers Jeremy Leipsic, Devon Skoleski, and Keaton Jameson all scored for the Bisons;
    - Keaton Jameson was the Bison Man-of-the-Match.

    ► [Preseason Match Report: University of Manitoba Bisons 3 – Manchester Storm 4]

    Not sure which newcomer claimed the #24 jersey.

    Lucas Skrumeda mixing it up.


    York announced the details of their trip to Banjoland, a Remembrance Tour in honour of Mark Cross, a former Lion who passed away in the Humboldt crash. The schedule is:

    Sep 20 York v Regina (in Lumsden)
    Sep 21 York v Calgary (in Humboldt)
    Sep 23 York at Saskatchewan

    Also, Western Ontario added the pre-season games to their schedule:

    Sep 13 Laurier at Western Ontario
    Sep 15 Western Ontario at U.O.I.T.
    Sep 19 Brock at Western Ontario
    Sep 21 Waterloo at Western Ontario
    Sep 28 Laurentian at Western Ontario
    Sep 29 Queen's at Western Ontario

    Finally, the BCIHL released their 2018-19 regular season schedule.

    ► [UWO Schedule Page]
    ► [BCIHL Schedule Page]

  17. #42




    Twitter (Google Translate): [UQTR] : [Jokers]
    Facebook: [Jokers] [Amiens/UQTR] : [Cergy/Angers]

    This was the afternoon game to open a 4-team round-robin tournament hosted by the Jokers de Cergy-Pontoise, who lost 6-1 to Ducs d'Angers. The Saturday and Sunday games have been switched from the original schedule.

  18. #43



    Twitter: [Belfast] : [UofM] : [UofM Hockey]
    Tweets: [UofM] : [Adam McKendry]
    Belfast: [Team Site] : [Preview Story] : [Streaming]
    Video: [Facebook] : [Event] : [YouTube]

    The Belfast Twitter was not as thorough as Fife's, but had very many photos. The links may contain stories and videos by the time you read this post. Mackenzie Dwyer scored for the Bisons and Brett Stovin was man-of-the-match.

    Next up:
    Aug 26 Manitoba at Belfast Giants (EIHL)
    Aug 26 U.Q.T.R. at Ducs d'Angers (France)




    Twitter (Google Translate): [UQTR] : [Jokers]
    Facebook: [Jokers]
    Tweets: [Anger/Amiens] : [Cergy/UQTR] [Scoreboard]

    This followed a 3-2 win for Angers over Amiens in the afternoon game. Going into the final games on Sunday, Angers leads at 2-0-0, Amiens and UQTR are 1-1-0, and the host Jokers trail at 0-2-0. UQTR faces Angers in the afternoon and the Jokers take on Amiens in the nightcap.

  19. #44



    Twitter: [Belfast] : [UofM] : [UofM Hockey]
    Tweets: [Belfast Sunday Highlights]
    EIHL Game Stories: [Saturday] : [Sunday]
    Video: [Facebook - Sunday] : [Facebook - Saturday] : [YouTube]

    The Bisons finished their UK tour with a sub-standard 1-3-0 record. However, with just 17 players on the trip, and loads of rookies amongst those, perhaps nothing better could be expected. Goal scorers were Liam Bilton, Brett Stovin, and then a pair by Kamerin Nault. Dasan Sydora was in goal. The 17 Bisons on tour will now come home to practice with the 10-15 others trying out for the team. Hopefully the training camp roster will soon be posted.



    Tweets (Google Translate): [UQTR/Angers] : [Amiens/Cergy]
    Facebook: [Jokers]

    This was the afternoon game, and the win assured Angers of the tournament title. In the finale, the host Jokers won for the first time, 4-3 in a shoot-out over Amiens. Amiens finished 2nd, UQTR 3rd, and the Jokers were 4th.


    Aug 29 U.Q.T.R. at TBA (France)
    Aug 31 to Sep 02 - no games

    Sep 07 Alberta v U.B.C. (in Penticton)
    Sep 07 MacEwan (ACAC) at Calgary
    Sep 07 Red Deer (ACAC) at Lethbridge
    Sep 08 Alberta v U.B.C. (in Penticton)
    Sep 08 Calgary at MacEwan (ACAC)
    Sep 08 Red Deer (ACAC) at Lethbridge


    Sep 14 Manitoba v S.A.I.T. (in Regina)
    Sep 15 Manitoba v Saskatchewan (in Regina)
    Sep 22 Regina at Manitoba

  20. #45


    No new schedules from CW, or even USports. But there are games from the ACAC and BCIHL which affect the CW.

    There are quite a few new additions to the ACAC schedule. The games affecting the CW were previously announced with the exception of the latest addition for the Evil Monkeys, and their trip to Athabasca. Here's the whole deal:

    Sep 07 MacEwan at Calgary
    Sep 07 Red Deer College at Lethbridge
    Sep 08 Red Deer College at Lethbridge
    Sep 08 Calgary at MacEwan

    Sep 11 MacEwan/N.A.I.T. v Edmonton Oilers Rookies
    Sep 12 Portage College at Augustana
    Sep 14 Portage College at Concordia Edmonton
    Sep 14 Briercrest College at Minot State
    Sep 14 N.A.I.T. at U.B.C.
    Sep 15 N.A.I.T. at U.B.C.

    Sep 15 Briercrest College at Minot State
    Sep 15 Concordia Edmonton at Portage College
    Sep 21 Williston State at Briercrest College
    Sep 21 Augustana v Alberta @ Athabasca
    Sep 21 Red Deer College at S.A.I.T.
    Sep 22 Williston State at Briercrest College
    Sep 22 S.A.I.T. at Red Deer College
    Sep 22 MacEwan v N.A.I.T. @ Athabasca
    Sep 23 Augustana v MacEwan @ Calling Lake
    Sep 23 Alberta v N.A.I.T. @ Athabasca
    Sep 26 Red Deer College at Lacombe Generals
    Sep 28 Augustana v Red Deer College @ Lacombe
    Sep 28 MacEwan at Concordia Edmonton
    Sep 28 Portage College at Briercrest College
    Sep 29 Portage College at Briercrest College
    Sep 29 N.A.I.T. at MacEwan
    Sep 29 Augustana v Stony Plain Eagles @ Lacombe
    Sep 30 Concordia Edmonton at N.A.I.T.

    NOTE: S.A.I.T. is also in the Regina tournament Sep 14-15.

    The BCIHL schedule has no pre-season games listed, but two team schedules are up. Those contain no new games involving USports teams:

    Sep 15 Simon Fraser at Trinity Western (Captains Cup)
    Sep 22 Trinity Western at U.B.C. (Captains Cup)
    Sep 29 Trinity Western at Victoria

    Sep 21 Victoria at Trinity Western

    Hmmm, those schedules don't exactly jibe.

  21. #46


    Is this a recruiting announcement? Or nothing more than a back-to-school notice?

    Drea Esposito - Calgary Hitmen (WHL) - D

    The links say Esposito "retired" to cash in his scholarship and go to the U of M. So will he be on the team? He is a 6'4" 190 lbs. d-man. In two WHL seasons he has just the one goal, so D must be his thing. He doesn't turn 19 until January, and had an overage season he could have used.

    ► [Dub Network: Leslie and Esposito join Popowich in retirement; Hodson signs with Victoria]
    ► [Calgary Hitmen on Twitter]
    ► [Elite Prospects: Drea Esposito]

    The Horny Ones appeared to be in trouble when their coach quit at the last minute. But it looks like they caught a break by signing Murray Nystrom. He coached the Brock Badgers (OUA) for 18 years and even got them to the U-Cup in 2008. Once could say he's an upgrade from Spiros Anastas.

    ► [CW: Former Brock coach Nystrom set to lead Pronghorns]
    ► [Lethbridge News Now: Experienced bench boss Murray Nystrom tapped to lead Pronghorns men’s hockey team]

    The CUSN had a new Tuesday Morning Skate this week, with news around all four conferences. Included was a take on this week's Bison news.

    There were also announcements from UBC and Lakehead this week.

    UBC landed Quentin Greenwood, a winger from the Old Grizzlys of the AJHL.

    In Thunder Bay, the assistant coaches were announced to be Andrew Fernandez, Jason Firth, and Murray Magill.

    ► [Tuesday Morning Skate: August 27th, 2018]
    ► [UBC: ‘Birds add two-way forward Quentin Greenwood]
    ► [NNL: Thunderwolves Hockey – Wilkins announces coaching staff]

  22. #47


    The roster pages throughout the league are stuck on 2017-18. By now we should have learned of any recruits of significance. Usually, news travels when a player has left to sign a pro contract. However, players who have departed for other reasons are not known until we see roster pages.

    The Bison site has a WHL recruiting story. They have recruited goaltender Tyler Brown from the WHL, but he is in rehab and won't start the season. The other links are for team roster pages which are sure to be updated now that players should have reported to classes.

    ► [WHL powers CW: Sirant eyes Manitoban talent to take Bisons to next level]
    ► [Alberta Roster]
    ► [Calgary Roster]
    ► [Lethbridge Roster]
    ► [Manitoba Roster]
    ► [Mount Royal Roster]
    ► [Regina Roster]
    ► [Saskatchewan Roster]
    ► [UBC Roster]

    In scheduling news:

    - The BCIHL has added an exhibition game component to the schedule, which includes just 6 games.
    Sep 15 Simon Fraser at Trinity Western
    Sep 15 Victoria at Vancouver Island
    Sep 21 Simon Fraser at U.B.C.
    Sep 22 Trinity Western at U.B.C.
    Sep 28 Simon Fraser at Anchorage (NCAA)
    Sep 28 Simon Fraser at Fairbanks (NCAA) (?)

    - That oddity on the MRU Schedule which has them going to the States on two separate weekends would seem to be (as suspected) in error. Minnesota State says their game with MRU is on Oct 6th.

    - Brock has their schedule in 2018-19 at long last, but it is missing the pre-season. That leaves Concordia and Nipissing battling for Laggard-of-the-Year.

    ► [BCIHL Schedule]
    ► [Minnesota State Schedule]
    ► [Brock Schedule]

  23. #48


    I have two links today, one about MRU's recruiting class and the other with more pre-season games for the BCIHL, plus some Twitter feeds pertaining to the weekend games.

    The Bluegars landed quite a crop of WHL recruits, after being almost shut-out a year ago. The players are:

    - Colton Bobyk (D) - Red Deer Rebels
    - Tyson Helgesen (D) - Spokane Chiefs
    - Keegan Iverson (F) - Portland Winterhawks
    - Kade Jensen (D) - Victoria Royals
    - Colton Kroeker (F) - Kootenay Ice

    Three major junior defencemen in one season is quite a haul.

    The BCIHL schedule has added two games, neither of which involves a CW team:

    Sep 21 Selkirk College at Victoria
    Sep 22 Selkirk College at Vancouver Island

    The first puck drop in North America takes place this weekend, with three series out west involving four CW teams and two ACAC teams. I have linked to the team Twitters because that's probably going to be the best place to find results. Here's the schedule:

    Sep 07 Alberta v U.B.C. (in Penticton)
    Sep 07 MacEwan (ACAC) at Calgary
    Sep 07 Red Deer (ACAC) at Lethbridge
    Sep 08 Alberta v U.B.C. (in Penticton)
    Sep 08 Calgary at MacEwan (ACAC)
    Sep 08 Red Deer (ACAC) at Lethbridge

    ► [Large crop of WHL recruits headed to MRU]
    ► [BCIHL Schedule]
    ► [Alberta Twitter] : [UBC Twitter]
    ► [Calgary Twitter] : [MacEwan Twitter]
    ► [Lethbridge Twitter] : [ACAC Twitter]

  24. #49



    The Bisons have the weekend off, which is not surprising following their trip to the British Isles. None of the teams out east will start until next week. This week's best source for scores and updates will be Twitter. Also, none of the teams has a 2018-19 roster page uploaded. Here's what happened on Friday, September 7, 2018:


    Alberta: [Twitter] : [Schedule & Results]
    UBC: [Twitter] : [Schedule & Results]

    Twitter was about the only source for updates, as is often the case in the pre-season. It sounds like the Evil Monkeys handled the T-irds quite easily. This series is being played in Penticton, as part of the "Young Stars Classic" with Vancouver Canucks and Winnipeg Jets rookies. There are no games scheduled between NHL and CW teams.


    Calgary: [Twitter] : [Schedule & Results]
    Calgary: [Dinos add five WHL alums looking to continue surge]
    MacEwan: [Series Preview] : [Schedule & Results]
    ACAC: [Schedule & Results]

    According to the string of tweets, this was scoreless until late in the 2nd when the Dinos took a 2-1 lead. In the process, they enjoyed a 26-12 edge in shots on goal. Presumably that 3rd period must have been quite dominating as Bedrock U outscored the Griffins 4-1 in the period. This one was held in the Town of Bedrock, and Saturday's rematch will be in Edmontown.

    The Dinos also have a recruiting announcement, available in the links. They have now confirmed five recruits from the WHL. They have two defencemen coming, and three forwards.

    James Shearer (D) - Brandon Wheat Kings (WHL)
    Jordan Henderson (D) - Medicine Hat Tigers (WHL)
    Graham Black (F) - Swift Current Broncos (WHL)
    Regan Nagy (F) - Prince Albert Raiders (WHL)
    Cal Babych (F) - Everett Silvertips (WHL)


    Lethbridge: [Twitter] : [Schedule & Results]
    Red Deer: [Schedule & Results]

    Not much can be gathered on this one. Lethbridge has been through some turmoil so any sort of a win must be a great relief. The Horny Ones held period leads of 2-1 and 3-2.


    Sep 08 Alberta v U.B.C. (in Penticton)
    Sep 08 Calgary at MacEwan (ACAC)
    Sep 08 Red Deer (ACAC) at Lethbridge

  25. #50

    Preview: Sept 13-16: BISONS AT REGINA TOURNAMENT

    S.A.I.T. TROJANS (0-0-0)
    REGINA COUGARS (0-0-0)

    This is the first weekend of a national exhibition hockey weekend across USports. The Herd suffers the indignity of a trip to Banjoland, where they will face the SAIT Condoms and the Banjo Mutts from Saskatown. Here's the schedule:

    Sep 14 Manitoba v S.A.I.T. (ACAC) - 5:00 CST/6:00 CDT
    Sep 14 Saskatchewan at Regina - 8:00 CST/9:00 CDT
    Sep 15 S.A.I.T. (ACAC) at Regina - 12:00 CST
    Sep 15 Manitoba v Saskatchewan - 3:30 CST/4:30 CDT

    The Bison roster page is still in 2017-18. In fact, Calgary and Regina are the only teams in the league with a 2018-19 roster page. That may change by the end of Friday.

    No teams have posted a weekend preview as I post.

    Sask has a story posted from the "WHL Powers the CW" series, as all the teams are doing one by one. Their WHL recruits are announced, but their non-WHL recruits are not. Those come from Elite Prospects, for now. Here's the list:

    - Gordie Ballhorn (D) - Kelowna Rockets (WHL)
    - Travis Child (G) - Edmonton Oil Kings (WHL)
    - Shane Collins (D) - Prince George Cougars (WHL) / London Knights (OHL)
    - Evan Fiala (D) - Saskatoon Blades (WHL)
    - Donovan Neuls (F) - Seattle Thunderbirds (WHL)
    - Kendall Fransoo (D) - Wilkie Outlaws (SWHL)
    - Dakota Boutin (F) - Penticton Vees (BCJHL)

    There is no news from the Bisons, except a tweet from Victor Findlay stating that leading scorer Michael St. Croix will not be returning.

    ► [Regina Roster Page]
    ► [Prairie pride bolsters Saskatchewan roster]
    ► [SAIT Schedule & Results]
    ► [Manitoba Roster]
    ► [Regina Schedule & Results]



    ► [MRU Schedule & Results]
    ► [Alberta Schedule & Results]
    ► [Calgary Schedule & Results]
    ► [Calgary Roster]

    This is Edmontown's annual Brick Invitational. It used to be the weekend after Regina's tournament, and always had at least 4 teams. Here's the schedule:

    Sep 13 Mount Royal at Calgary
    Sep 14 Calgary at Alberta
    Sep 15 Mount Royal at Alberta

    U.B.C. THUNDERBIRDS (1-1-0)
    [COLOR=]N.A.I.T. OOKS[/COLOR] (0-0-0)

    ► [NAIT Schedule & Results]
    ► [Oilers rookies get revenge for 2017 loss with 9-1 win but NAIT-MacEwan All-Stars relish experience]
    ► [T-Birds reflect on Young Stars experience]
    ► [UBC Schedule & Results]

    This is a traditional Friday-Saturday double-header to be played in British California. NAIT joined up with MacEwan to lose 9-1 to the Edmonton Oilers. (That same melange defeated the Greasers a year ago.) The T-irds are coming off a split against the Monkeys, which included a game two shoot-out win.


    Lethbridge is on a bye week for some reason, after having started play last weekend. But they posted their "WHL Powers the CW" series article. Their WHL recruits are:

    - Jordan Roy (F) - Red Deer Rebels
    - Taz Burman (G) - Swift Current Broncos

    ► [Nystrom, Pronghorns focused on positivity as U Cup approaches]
    ► [Breakin News 'N Crackin Brews: Ep. 11]


    Sep 13 Brock at Waterloo
    Sep 13 Laurier at Western Ontario
    Sep 14 Carleton at Toronto
    Sep 14 Moncton at U.P.E.I.
    Sep 14 McGill at New Brunswick
    Sep 14 Ottawa at Ryerson
    Sep 14 Saint Mary's at Dalhousie
    Sep 15 Carleton at Ryerson
    Sep 15 McGill at New Brunswick
    Sep 15 Ottawa at Toronto
    Sep 15 Queen's v R.M.C. (in Gananoque ON)
    Sep 15 U.Q.T.R. at Concordia
    Sep 15 Western Ontario at U.O.I.T.
    Sep 16 Moncton at Dalhousie
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