WrestleMania 33 full results: The end of The Undertaker

Apr 3, 2017 at 5:36a ET

While the finish of the main event was a heartbreaking moment for generations of fans, WrestleMania 33 may one day be remembered as the best ever. From stars like AJ Styles to Seth Rollins putting on unforgettable performances, to shocking moments like the return of the Hardy Boyz, to John Cena popping the question - WrestleMania 33 had it all.

Here are the results from WrestleMania 33:

Neville defeated Austin Aries to retain the Cruiserweight Championship

The King of the Cruiserweights and Aries opened the show and delivered the excellent match everyone expected.

Neville hit Austin Aries with vicious snap German suplex that dropped him on the back of his head - followed by a super kick and a second German - but Aries somehow managed to kick out despite not appearing to know where he was. Aries eventually recovered and hit a 450 splash that Neville kicked out of, and Neville then broke out of Aries' Last Chancery submission with a poke to the eye - allowing Neville to hit the Red Arrow from the top rope to retain his title.

Mojo Rawley won the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal

Mojo Rawley won the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal

The Big Show and Braun Strowman were the two clear favorites in the Battle Royal - but the remaining competitors worked together to try and topple the two giants. Strowman was able to shrug off more than a dozen stars and knocked The Big Show out, but everyone else in the ring took the opportunity to swarm Strowman and flip him over the top rope.

With Big Show and Strowman gone, the battle was wide open. Mojo Rawley, Jinder Mahal and NXT’s Killian Dain were the final three stars remaining, and Rawley got a bit of help from Patriots star Rob Gronkowski, who came into the ring and tackled Mahal.

Dean Ambrose defeated Baron Corbin to retain the Intercontinental Championship

Baron Corbin’s arrogance likely cost him the Intercontinental Championship at WrestleMania. Near the end of another strong performance, Corbin mocked Ambrose for a few moments, telling the crowd to “say goodbye to Dean Ambrose.”

Corbin attempted the End of Days, but Ambrose was able to counter and flip out of the move into a match-ending Dirty Deeds.

AJ Styles defeated Shane McMahon

AJ Styles set out to embarrass Shane McMahon in Orlando, mocking him with his own money dance just a few moments into the match - but what followed was an excellent and closely fought wrestling match as Shane McMahon proved once again he always rises to the occasion at a major WWE event.

Styles thought he could put McMahon away with a springboard 450 splash, but McMahon caught him from the ground and countered with a triangle submission. Styles escaped, and later accidentally knocked out the referee with a kick to the face - giving Styles the chance to bring weapons into the ring.

Styles set McMahon up for McMahon’s signature coast-to-coast leap with a trash can, but McMahon sprung out of the corner and bashed Styles instead - setting up a McMahon coast-to-coast that he hit perfectly just as the referee started to awaken.

Styles kicked out at the very last second, so McMahon then carried Styles out of the ring and set him on the commentary table. McMahon went to the top rope for a diving elbow to the outside, but Styles rolled off the table in time to avoid the impact.

McMahon still had a golden opportunity to win the match later on. He caught Styles out of a Phenomenal Forearm and countered with a brutal DDT, then attempted a Shooting Star Press that Styles moved out of the way of. Styles hit the Phenomenal Forearm and covered McMahon to close a classic WrestleMania opener.

Kevin Owens defeated Chris Jericho to become the new United States Champion

Kevin Owens defeated Chris Jericho to become the new United States Champion

The battle of the former best friends was more of a slow-paced slugfest to begin with, but Kevin Owens kept himself alive late with perhaps the slightest of rope breaks in WWE history. Owens tried to hit his signature pop-up powerbomb, but Chris Jericho countered in midair and stunned Owens with a Codebreaker. Jericho went for the pin, but Owens managed to get a single finger on the bottom rope.

Just a few moments later, Owens delivered a powerbomb to the corner of the apron and rolled Jericho back in the ring for the pin to become the new United States Championship.

Bayley pinned Charlotte to retain her Raw Women's Championship

Bayley pinned Charlotte to retain her Raw Women's Championship

Nia Jax dominated the early part of the match, crushing all three women seemingly at will - forcing the trio of Sasha Banks, Bayley and Charlotte to work together to eliminate her. It took all three women to powerbomb Nia, and they piled on for a triple pin to score the first elimination of the match.

Charlotte attempted to expose the middle turnbuckle and partially got the cover off, which was enough to knock out Sasha Banks a few moments later. Banks had Charlotte rolled up near the corner, but Charlotte kicked Banks off of her and launched her head into the turnbuckle. Charlotte quickly pinned Banks, turning the match into a one-on-one showdown with Bayley.

Charlotte was in position to recapture the Raw Women’s Championship, but an incredible counter from Bayley turned the tide. Bayley was caught in the tree of woe position hanging upside down from the turnbuckle, but as Charlotte scaled the ropes, Bayley was able to launch Charlotte to the mat with a back body drop. Bayley freed herself, and hit a flying elbow in tribute to the Macho Man to retain her title.

The Hardy Boyz returned to WWE


The New Day announced before the Raw Tag Championship match began that it had been changed to a Fatal Four Way, and The Hardy Boyz emerged as the fourth team.

The Hardy Boyz won the Fatal Four Way ladder match to become the new Raw Tag Team Champions

The Hardy Boyz won the Fatal Four Way ladder match to become the new Raw Tag Team Champions

The Hardy Boyz are now seven-time tag team champions. In a chaotic match tailor made for Jeff Hardy's style, he hit a Swanton Bomb off a ladder through two other ladders, allowing Matt Hardy to grab the belts.

John Cena and Nikki Bella defeated The Miz and Maryse

John Cena and Nikki Bella defeated The Miz and Maryse

John Cena and Nikki Bella took their place as the ultimate power couple in WWE in a match that was a bit shorter than expected, which was capped with a double Five Knuckle Shuffle and double Attitude Adjustment. It was all a primer for…

John Cena proposed to Nikki Bella

She said yes, if you’re wondering.

Seth Rollins defeated Triple H

Rollins prevailed in a classic slugfest, somehow overcoming his illness leading into WrestleMania and the knee injury that Triple H repeatedly tried to aggravate with the help of a steel chair and sledgehammer.

Stephanie McMahon, who rode to the ring on the back of a motorcycle driven by Triple H, ended up crashing through a table and accidentally costing her husband at the finish of the match. Seth Rollins had grabbed Triple H's signature sledgehammer, but before he could use it Stephanie grabbed it out of his hands from the apron. Before she could jump down to safety, Triple H nearly ran into her - before turning, taking a superkick from Rollins and launching her through a table that had been set up in a perfect position.

Rollins then hit a Pedigree on The Game to score the pinfall.

Randy Orton defeated Bray Wyatt to become the WWE World Champion

Bray Wyatt tried to infiltrate Orton’s head with an innovative mind game, but it didn’t seem to phase the Viper. Periodically throughout their title match, the lights would dim and a disgusting image would be projected on the mat - from crawling maggots to insects - in an apparent attempt to freak out Orton.

Unfortunately for Wyatt, it wasn’t very effective. After the third image was displayed, Orton responded by dropping Wyatt with an RKO from out of nowhere to complete the implosion of the Wyatt Family.

Brock Lesnar defeated Goldberg to become the Universal Champion

Most fans expected this match to be over in a matter of seconds, but Brock Lesnar and Goldberg delivered the back-and-forth fight the WWE Universe was craving. Lesnar opened the match by hitting three German suplexes in succession - but Goldberg was barely hurt, retaliating with two spears and a third outside the ring through the barricade.

Lesnar attempted an F5 once the action returned to the ring, but Goldberg countered hitting a Jackhammer that Lesnar somehow managed to kick out of.

In a welcome departure from their previous encounters, Goldberg and Lesnar matched each other shot for shot and signature move for signature move.

Lesnar’s repeated suplexes proved to be too much for Goldberg to overcome. After the 10th German suplex of the match, Lesnar hit an F5 to put away Goldberg and capture the Universal Championship.

Naomi forced Alexa Bliss to tap out to become the SmackDown Women's Champion

Naomi returned to her hometown of Orlando and regained the title she never lost.

Naomi had to vacate the SmackDown Women’s Championship due to injury, but after taking out most of her competitors with a dive to the outside, Naomi forced Alexa Bliss to tap in the center of the ring

Roman Reigns defeated The Undertaker

Ring announcer Jojo announced that the WrestleMania main event had been changed to a No Holds Barred contest, meaning there would be no disqualifications and the match could only end via pinfall or submission.

It didn’t take very long for action to spill outside the ring, where The Undertaker whipped Reigns into the steel ring steps and primed the announce table for Reigns to go through it.

Taker was thinking about hitting a Tombstone Piledriver through the middle announce table, but Reigns sprung up from his spot and speared The Undertaker backward, driving him through the table he was standing on.

The Undertaker recovered, though, and regained control of the match, softening Reigns with The Last Ride. The Deadman then grabbed a steel chair from the timekeeper area and crushed Reigns, but even after taking a chokeslam onto a mangled chair in the center of the ring, Reigns still kicked out at two.

Moments later, Reigns stunned The Undertaker by kicking out of a Tombstone Piledriver at the very last second.

The Undertaker wasn’t able to keep up his offense, though. Reigns battered the Deadman with repeated Superman Punches and spears. An exhausted Undertaker watched Reigns blow by him in the ring, hitting the ropes to launch into one final spear to earn the pinfall.

The Undertaker leaves his gear in the ring

In a moment suggesting that he may finally be retiring, WWE icon The Undertaker took off his gloves, jacket and hat and left them in the center of the ring before exiting the WrestleMania stage.