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Thread: My man cave (so far) still working on it

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    i'm saving sticks too, wood ones. I'm going to laminate them and use them for the treads on the stairs

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mayhem View Post
    No kidding?! That is one incredible room Chewie.

    Oh...and welcome to SDHF!
    Thanks, always great to find another place to talk hockey.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2fast4u View Post
    I see you had lots of fun with the water and plumbing wwith the bar. I like the stick idea on the bar. I am collecting sticks but all composite ones. But not just any sticks, all Warriors and then will put a few wood ones here and there. But ya i feel for ya with the water and plumbing. Where my bar is being built, everything is right there. But thats the ***** about basements though.
    The plumbing was sort of expected (80 year old house) but wasn't as bad as I had originally feared. Since I didn't have the sticks completely covering the bar front, I actually cut them in half with a table saw. It only took me half the time to collect enough sticks, and I like how it ended up looking because the sticks are still fairly flush to the bar side. Plus it made it a whole lot easier to put them up, just some finishing nails in a nail gun.

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    ya my house is only 25 years old so everything was put in not all that long ago. Plus i am out in the country and it all goes off the sump pump so that makes it a bit easier for me. And right above the bar is all the water lines that run up to the kitchen, so another bonus. The only thing that i keep changing my mind with is the wood and coloring. I have made up my mind about 20 times, and each time i go to get the wood i come up with a different design or color scheme lol....... It will all be done hopefully by the beginning of spring....hopefully. I am now thinking of doing the whole front of the bar in old barn boards and do some old barn beams around the rooms somewhere. I have access to alot of the barn boards from a few neighbors around me . So making sure i have enough or the same style boards isn't an issue.

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