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Thread: ever wonder what Crawford said when he lost his mind

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    ever wonder what Crawford said when he lost his mind

    this is an section from the book by Av writer Blood Feud

    "Blood Feud" about the Wings-Avs rivalry of days gone by. Ever wondered what Marc Crawford was yelling at Scotty Bowman? Ever wonder if Crawford was really that sleazy? Wonder no more:

    Bowman (to Crawford): You just want a rallying point. You want a rallying point, that's all. It's over.
    Crawford: You got your rallying point. You got yours, we got ours now. We got ours. You gonna apologize? (louder) Are you gonna apologize?
    Wings associate coach Barry Smith (to Bowman): Scotty, let him go, please.
    Linesman: We're gonna get the game goin', all right?
    Crawford comes back and stands over glass, leaning over to the Red Wings bench.
    Crawford (leaning forward, inches from Bowman's face): Are you gonna apologize for that? Are you gonna apologize for that, you f***in' old c**t?
    Bowman: For what?
    Crawford: You f***in' old c**t.
    Bowman: For what?
    Crawford: For f***in' Shanahan. (muffled)
    Bowman makes a dismissive face.
    Avalanche assistant coach Mike Foligno: That's f***in' bull***t Scotty. He's f***in' down, he's f***in' pounding his head on the ice.
    Crawford (to Bowman): f*** you, you f***in' a**hole, you're a f***in' loser.
    Bowman: No, he did nothing wrong.
    Crawford (looking over to Red Wings players): Are you gonna apologize for that? Are you gonna apologize for that? Are you gonna apologize for that? Are you gonna apologize for that? Are you gonna apologize?
    Aaron Ward: f*** off. Sit down.
    Crawford (looking over at Ward): Come on Ward. Come on (motions with index finger). Any f***in' time, boy, any f***in' time, ya f***in' - you're all a bunch of (expletive). Especially you, you f***in' ...
    Crawford moves forward a bit and starts shaking and pointing his finger at Bowman, who has moved further down the bench, in the middle.
    Foligno: Hey, he took a f***in' swing at him. The trainer took a f***in' swing at him.
    Crawford (shrieking): I'll f***in' kill you. I will. I'll get you, you c***sucker.
    Beer from the stands sprays on Crawford. He looks back briefly, nearly loses his balance. Somebody grabs his left arm. The crowd is yelling, "Craw-ford." Crawford tries to gain his footing.
    Crawford: I'll f***in' get you.
    Linesman: Don't. Crow, don't! (to Foligno) Get him down.
    Crawford (with Foligno restraining him): You f***in' old c**t. You f***in' a**hole. I'm gonna get you. I am. I will.
    Foligno (to Crawford): Come on.
    Stephane Yelle and Foligno hold Crawford back.
    Crawford: Your time has come, and I'm gonna get you.
    Crawford walks away momentarily. Barry Smith and Steve Yzerman look at Crawford in disbelief. Crawford drops a few more F-bombs to no one in particular and talks to the linesman briefly, then walks back over to the glass partition. The crowd is yelling, "Craw-ford, Craw-ford."
    Crawford (to Smith): Whose f***in' a** ya kissin' now Barry, whose a** ya kissin'? Whose a** ya kissin'?
    Smith, Yzerman, and Draper look at Crawford as if witnessing a car crash.

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    Did you ever read that book Caitlin? I need to get my hands on it...Dater is a great writer and I would love to check that out.

    With that said...I definately am not suprised to read those words. Crow definately lost his temper there and it certainly seems fitting. I had a chance to sit down with Crow a few years ago and let me tell you, he was a NICE guy... had the time to spend 15 minutes to sit and chat with me. Respected him ever since.
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